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Separating FACT from FICTION

SURROGACY FACT:  Because of a recent series of celebrities, such as Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ellen Pompeo, who have availed themselves of gestational surrogacy as a way of building their families, some have come to think of surrogacy as a celebrity-only option — an exotic, ultra-expensive choice unavailable to them. In reality, the vast majority of individuals and couples who elect gestational surrogacy aren’t celebrities or the super-rich. While gestational surrogacy is by no means inexpensive, it may be more within your reach than you think.


When working with prospective parents who have financial constraints, we are careful to make decisions along the way that can help keep costs down — including everything from matching intended parents with surrogates who live nearby and who have adequate health insurance, so as to keep travel and medical expenses to a minimum . . . to recommending fertility clinics that have financial assistance options to choose from. Concern about expenses is always a wise and legitimate issue on the part of intended parents — but feeling that gestational surrogacy is simply outside your reach may be unwarranted.




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