Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogacy for Intended Parents


for Intended Parents

Do you work with all intended parents, whether they are single, married, gay or LGBT?


Do you work with clients from any state or country?


How do we get started with any process?


What is the difference between a “gestational carrier” or “gestational surrogate” and a “traditional surrogate”?


What is Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)?

What is Third-party Reproduction?

Can we use our own surrogate and still work with you?

Can we use a sperm donor, an egg donor, or both in a gestational surrogacy?

Can we use our own egg or a sperm donor?


What are the legal issues in the state in which I/we live that are relevant to surrogacy for intended parents?

When is the right time to contact an ART attorney?

How long does it take to be matched with a surrogate?

Do all states have similar laws regarding surrogacy?

What do we do if surrogacy is illegal in the state in which I/we live? Can ARTparenting help me/us?

Will my/our name(s) be on the birth certificate?

From a legal standpoint, what exactly happens after the birth?

* Although Gestational Surrogates are also commonly referred to as Gestational Carriers (and less accurately as Surrogate Mothers), we use the term Gestational Surrogate in this website.

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